Machinery brochures

Special Collections holds a unique and large collection of brochures and manuals concerning all agricultural machinery traded in the Netherlands in the 20th century. The brochures and manuals are available in print.

The brochures and manuals

The former Museum of Historical Agricultural Machinery (Museum Historische Landbouwtechniek, Wageningen) collected in 1980-2008 a large amount of brochures and manuals of all kinds of agricultural machines. The brochures are stored in boxes in the stacks of Special Collections.

How to find specific brochures on agricultural machinery?

You could search in the catalogue (Folderoverzicht) to find information on the machines you need. For example, you could search by brand (‘John Deere’) or by type of machine (‘melkmachines’). Please use CTRL F to search for specific terms in this worddocument. The information is in Dutch.