Light on Campus: New photos in the WUR Image Collections

Published on
June 24, 2021

In 2020 António Valente published the photobook Light on Campus in cooperation with the University Fund Wageningen. The photos from this book and additional photos are now on view in the WUR Image Collections. Have a look at the beautiful collection by photographer António Valente. He takes you to interesting places on campus.

Light on Campus in Image Collections

António Valente's photos show the great diversity in buildings, statues and daily motions on the campus, in all seasons and at any moment of the day.


António's previous work at Wageningen University & Research offered him the opportunity to access unique spots on campus, for example, the roof of the Forum building. Through his work Valente encourages people to look differently at the Campus and to see it's beauty.  

Photography is my passion. I'm always hunting light. Always looking for situations with special lighting conditions and unusual shapes. My camera is an extension of myself.
António Valente
António Valente. Photo by Guy Ackermans
António Valente. Photo by Guy Ackermans

The book 'Light on Campus' can be borrowed from the Forum Library.