Makeover WUR Library Search

Published on
August 2, 2021

WUR Library Search has a new layout. We hope the new design will make it easier to find the books and journals you need for your education or research.

WUR Library Search

WUR Library Search covers multiple databases and the Library’s books and journals in one search. You can also search in the collections of other libraries in the Netherlands or libraries worldwide. Searching in other library’s collections will help you to get an impression of all the literature.

New layout

The search page has had a complete redesign to make searching easier. Highlighting the search terms is one of the changes. The best available items are now displayed first in the search result.

The options for accessing a document are always visible in the right hand column now, also when you scroll downwards to find more details about the book or journal description.

For more information on searching go to How to use WUR Library Search.

wur library search 2.png

My account

WUR Library Search has the option: 'My Account'. 'My account' has also had a makeover. It’s now easier to check your loans, requests and saved searches. You can also renew the loan terms here.

If you have any questions or remarks about WUR Library Search, please come and see us at the Information Desk in the Forum Library or send us an e-mail at the Servicedesk.