Questions on legality or availability when creating hyperlinks

Legal sources

Q: How do I know for sure that the hyperlinks I use in my course link to legal sources?

A: You should avoid using hyperlinks to websites containing illegal content or to 'pirate libraries'.

Examples of websites with illegal content:

Examples of 'pirate libraries':

Availability of books online

Q: I want to use part of a book in my course. How can I find out whether there is an online version that I can link to?

A: Search the title of the book via WUR Library Search on the Library website. Check whether the Library provides access to an online version. If not, you can request the Library to purchase the e-book in question via the ‘request a purchase’ button.

Q: What do I do if the book (chapter) of my choice is not available

A: In some cases, books or journal issues are only available as a hard
copy. If this turns out to be the case, you may provide the full text on
a Learning Management System like BlackBoard or in your reader, but make sure that the total amount does not exceed 50 pages and is not more than 25% of the entire book or journal issue.