What about copyright in teaching materials other than the Learning Management System (LMS) and course readers?

Q: Do the rules in the agreement also apply to documents in Feedback Fruits Share?

A: Yes, they do. However, there is an option in FF Share which enables students to read publications without downloading them. Please use this option if possible.

Q: Can I use Dropbox instead of LMS to share my articles and books with students and thus avoid having to comply with the agreement?

A: No, the agreement also applies to Dropbox.

Q: Is it allowed to use copyrighted material in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)?

A: No. Since a MOOC is freely available on the internet and can be followed anywhere and by anyone, only the use of free and open material is allowed, such as Open Access and Creative Commons publications. For more information, see the blog 'Use of peer reviewed articles in a MOOC'.