WUR Library Search, the new search tool

You can use the new search tool 'WUR Library Search' at the Library’s homepage. It replaces Global Search and the Library catalogue. You can search in article databases, the collections of other libraries in the Netherlands or worldwide in one search.

WUR Library Search covers multiple databases in one search, including the Library catalogue and Staff Publications. You can also search in article databases, the collections of other libraries in the Netherlands or libraries worldwide. Searching in other library's collections helps to get an impression of all the literature on a topic within Worldcat Discovery, which is the software behind WUR Library Search. If you find a publication that you need for your research but it's not held by WUR Library, you can send a loan or purchase request to the Library.

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Use WUR Library Search to:

  • Check whether and where a book or publication is held at WUR Library
  • Do a topic search
  • Get full-text access to subscription-based resources 
  • Manage and renew your loans
  • Study books (go to: Course Reserves, on the top right side of your screen, to find the mandatory study books for courses)

Off-campus access

WUR Library Search is also available off-campus for WUR users. Log in through My Library or use the off-campus access button to access to full-text resources when you are off-campus.

My Library

When you log in in My Library an OCLC notification will be displayed (see the screenshot below). To use the renew function properly, you have to agree with sharing the data about your loans. Only your name and email-address will be shared with OCLC.


Guest users

To use WUR Library's online services as a guest user, you must create a new guest account.

How to search and other questions

For more information on searching, go to How to use WUR Library Search.

If you have any questions or remarks about WUR Library Search, please come and see us at the Information Desk or mail us at Servicedesk Library.