dr.ir. JA (Anja) Dieleman

dr.ir. JA (Anja) Dieleman

Senior scientist plant physiology

Dr. ir. J.A. (Anja) Dieleman received her MSc degree in Greenhouse Horticulture in 1992 and her PhD degree on the role of cytokinins in bud break in roses in 1998 at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Since 2000, she works as senior scientist at the business unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University & Research. With greenhouse crop physiology as her main application field, her research interests are the effects of greenhouse climate factors (light, CO2, temperature) and cropping systems on crop growth and development, including underlying processes like photosynthesis and transpiration. Recently, she has been working on the design of energy efficient LED based production systems, plant monitoring systems and effects of spectral composition of the light on plant growth, development and morphology. Since 2020, she is also working on the development of autonomous greenhouse cultivation systems. This research is done in close collaboration with greenhouse growers, (international) horticultural supply companies and national government.

Application of LED lighting in museum lighting, human perception and in agriculture

Application of LED lighting in sustainable greenhouse systems.

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