dr. AE (Arjen) Buijs

dr. AE (Arjen) Buijs

Senior researcher

Arjen Buijs is a trained sociologist who works in the field of socio-ecological interactions, with a specific focus on the role of citizens and self-organisation in nature conservation practices across Europe. He critically assesses the role of citizens in the consumption and production of natural landscapes. Topics include public participation and self-governance, nature experiences and cultural diversity and human-nature conflicts. His PhD focused on the diversity of images of nature among the Dutch public.

Focusing on the Global North, his research engages with topics such as biodiversity protection, management of urban and peri-urban green, wildlife and water management. Arjen has published on a diverse range of theoretical approaches, including framing theory, social representation theory, and discursive institutionalism. He is associate editor for the BES Journal People & Nature and for Frontiers in Sustainable Cities.

Special attention is given to the social impact of his research through policy evaluations and advice and workshops and presentations for e.g. PBL, SBB, Ministry of Economic Affairs and other actors from policy and society. Arjen also is involved in local green initiatives to reconnect children and nature. Arjen is a member of the jury for Trouw Duurzame-100.