CW (Christel) van Eck MSc

CW (Christel) van Eck MSc


In 2017, I was granted funding from NWO Research Talent to conduct research on climate change blogs. I am very interested in climate change communications, climate psychology, polarization, and new media. My current research on climate change blogs focuses on all these different themes.


Currently, I am conducting research that focuses on:

  • Journalistic norms of climate change bloggers;
  • Discourses in climate change blogs;
  • Framing strategies of users in comment sections;
  • The effect of climate change blogs on audiences. Specifically, I am focusing on climate change risk perceptions and the socio-psychological factors that explain variations in these perceptions. In addition, I investigate echo chamber effects amongst blog audiences. 
  • Differences in emotional language in the climate change blogo- and twittersphere.


Do you want to have a chat about my research or something else, please drop a line at