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Projects - dr. D (Domenico) Dentoni

Domenico is an agribusiness management and organisation scholar, with a passion for international development and food marketing.

My current research focuses on stakeholder management and the sustainability of agricultural and food value chains.

1. Stakeholder Management. I am tackling the broad questions: how do organizations create value by interacting with multiple stakeholders? What are the resources and capabilities that organizations need to interact with stakeholders effectively? Current projects deal with:

  • Managing Wicked Problems in Agribusiness;
  • Rise of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms and Cross-Sector Partnerships;
  • Building and Measuring Stakeholder Orientation.

This research is currently being conducted as part of the USAID (US Agency for International Development) Program on Higher Education Solution Network (HESN) in 2012-2017. It has published on the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Cleaner Production, International Food and Agribusiness Management Review and Journal of Corporate Citizenship. It is currently under review on the Journal of Organizational Change Management.

2. Sustainability & Authenticity of Food Value Chains. I am tackling the broad questions: how can small businesses survive in modern, global food value chains? How do consumers perceive and choose sustainable, authentic food products? Current projects deal with:

  • Consumer Perceptions and Choice of Food with Credence Attributes;
  • Networks Linking Consumers, Producers & Stakeholders Outside the Chain;
  • Entrepreneurship & Economic Development.

This research has been recently published on Food Policy, Agribusiness: An International JournalBritish Food Journal, International Food and Agribusiness Management ReviewAgricultural and Resource Economics Review, Journal of Chain and Network Science, New Medit and Economic Botany. It is currently under review on Entrepreneurship & Regional Development and on NJAS: Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences.