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Education - FJHM (Frans) Verhees

Courses on marketing in general at the introductory level to specific topics and marketing at advanced levels.

Frans Verhees teaches:

  • Management and Marketing (BMO24306)
  • Advanced Management en Marketing (BMO21306)
  • Introduction to Business Economics, Management and Marketing (BEC21806)

In the passed he also taught

  • Introduction to managementand consumer studies (MCB11805)
  • Strategies and Models (MCB31806)
  • Marketing, Product Innovatie and Branding at het Anton Jurgens instituut (MBA)


YSS-37006 Business Theories and Sustainability
YSS-38806 Analytical Methods for Sustainable Business and Innovation
YSS-38003 Critical Reflections on Sustainable Business
MCB-79224 MSc Research Practice Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
BMO-21306 Advanced Management and Marketing
BEC-21806 Introduction to Business Economics, Management and Marketing
BEC-53806 Sustainable Seaweed Chains
BEC-55802 From business theory to practical application
MCB-80424 MSc Thesis Marketing and Consumer Behaviour