dr. G (Gonne) Beekman

dr. G (Gonne) Beekman

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Gonne Beekman (1983) is a researcher at Wageningen University & Research, experienced in the design and use of rigorous quantitative research methods. Gonnes research focuses on impact evaluations of development interventions and on the role of corruption and informal institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. She uses survey data to map livelihood conditions of rural households, and experimental data to elicit risk attitudes and social preferences of individuals, complemented with qualitative methods.

Gonne is involved in impact evaluation projects in the domains of nutrition and sustainable rural development in international, multidisciplinary research teams, among others commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DFID, SNV, and Rainforest Alliance.

Before joining Wageningen Economic Research, she conducted her PhD research at the Development Economics Group at Wageningen University on the role of informal institutions on rural development in Liberia and worked as a post-doctoral researcher on various impact evaluation projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has a track-record of academic publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Woman is offered money in a village in rural Liberia.

Photo: Ben Schaap