dr. JPJ (Hans) de Wild

dr. JPJ (Hans) de Wild

Researcher and consultant post-harvest technology

I work as researcher, consultant and project leader on post harvest quality of fresh products. I have a pratical attitude and translate my knowledge of product physiology and storage technology into practical solutions. For this, the combination of research and consultancy is very valuable. I work both at a national and international level.

One of my expertises is the prevention of ethylene damage, for example by 1-MCP. 1-MCP is used as a postharvest treatment of vegetables, fruits, cut flowers and pot plants.

Topics I am working on:

- 1-MCP

- Ethylene

- CA storage ( low O2 and high CO2 )

- Shelf-life of fresh products

- Consultancy postharvest quality (national and international)

- Physiology of horticultural products

For more information visit www.wur.nl/wfbr