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Education - H (Harro) Maat

Courses, BSc thesis and MSc thesis supervision

Teacher and course convenor for Technology, Development and nNatural Resources (TAD10806), Investigating Knowledge (TAD31306). Sociology of Migration and Multi-Ethnic Societies (TAD51306).

Co-teacher of Cutting Edge Issues in Development & Rural Innovation (YSS 60806) 

Supervision for thesis studies on local creativity and user-based innovations, how this develops on its own or merges with (adjusts and improves) introduced solutions, imposed by governments, sold by commercial companies or distributed by NGOs.


YSS-60806 Cutting Edge Issues in Development and Rural Innovation
CPT-11806 Technology, Development and Natural Resources
CPT-36806 Critical Reflection on Research in International Development Practice
CPT-56806 Embodiment, Food & Environment
CPT-56802 Embodiment, Food & Environment
RHI-54806 Global Migration