dr. HM (Hilje) van der Horst

dr. HM (Hilje) van der Horst


I am Assistant Professor at the Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles group at Wageningen University.

My current research interests lie in the fields of Sociology of Health and Sociology of Consumption. I am particularly interested in everyday practices relating to care and consumption. I am also editorial board member at the International Journal of Consumer Research

Before coming to Wageningen, I spent most of my time in Amsterdam where I completed master degrees in Sociology and in Human Geograpy, and worked on my PhD (all University of Amsterdam). In addition to this, I have worked as researcher at the Delft University of Technology and the Meertens Institute.

For publications please check my Google scholar profile.

I am the education coordinator of the CHL group. In that capacity students can come to me with questions about courses, theses and internships.

Thesis opportunities
I am interested in supervising students who wish to study everyday care and/ or consumption practices. I am open to a range of topics. However, I am particularly interested now in:

  • everyday care practices surrounding kids diagnosed as having ADHD
  • domestic practices of preparing the lunchbox for children (relating to health)
  • the food bank (see my previous article on the topic)

Internship opportunities
Students can contact me about internship opportunities

I have recentlly supervised students doing internshops  at

  • SCP (Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau)
  • Vilans
  • Disability Studies in Nederland

PhD supervision
I have been involved in the supervision of several PhD students. At the moment I am still supervising Joeri Naus, with a thesis on smart grids and domestic energy practices (see this co-authored publication, or this one ).