dr.ir. JE (Jouke) Dykstra

dr.ir. JE (Jouke) Dykstra

Assistant professor

Assistant professor Electrochemical Separation Processes for Water Treatment at the Department of Environmental Technology, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Secretary of the International working group on Capacitive Deionization and Electrosorption, a working group that organizes a biennial conference for about 175 scientists working in this field (http://www.cdi-electrosorption.org)

Scientific interests

Key interests

  • Electrochemical engineering, with a focus on ion separation processes
  • Ion and electron transport in porous media, including membranes and electrodes
  • Interfacial phenomena in (nano)porous materials (electrical double layer formation, chemical interactions, and faradaic reactions)
  • Modelling dynamic systems

My scientific interests contribute to the development of

  • Capacitive Deionization for water desalination
  • Electrodialysis for ion-selective separations
  • (Bio)electrochemical technologies for the production of valuable chemicals or for the recovery of nutrients and energy from (waste)water