dr. KSE (Karolina) Doughty

dr. KSE (Karolina) Doughty


Karolina Doughtys research explores how health-related meaning is attributed to everyday urban places and practices by individuals, groups, and societies.

Karolina is originally from Sweden, but spent many years in the UK (and a brief stint in Portugal) before coming to the Netherlands in 2015. She completed her PhD in health geography at the University of Southampton in 2011. Before joining WUR, she worked at the University of Brighton between 2011-2015.

My research interests

Broadly, my research interests can be summed up under the rubrics of health and cultural geographies, within which I explore the relations between health/wellbeing and place. Within these efforts, my work has contributed to literatures on therapeutic landscapes, daily mobilities, and sound geographies.

My current projects are concentrated around an interest in sensory exposures to the urban environment, and the role of sound in the creation of collective atmospheres that promote wellbeing, conviviality, and social inclusion.

My co-edited book Sounding Places: More-than-representational Geographies of Sound and Music will be published in 2019.

Research activities


Previous research projects


For a complete list of publications please visit: www.researchgate.net/karolinadoughty, www.academia.edu/karolinadoughty or view her Google Scholar citations.