dr. M (Mandy) de Wilde

dr. M (Mandy) de Wilde


I am an art historian and sociologist, trained in ethnographic methods and very much value an interdisciplinary outlook in my work. 

My research has allowed me to deepen and extend my intellectual and empirical grasp of affective relations and their engineering within various contexts such as the energy transition, welfare state regimes and local governance.

My dissertation connects an ethnography of everyday life in a neighbourhood to literature about the role of affects in the construction of citizenship. It develops an innovative perspective on affective citizenship and its construction through policy mediation work.

The affective dimension of everyday life kept my interest when I started engaging with the field of sustainability, consumption and everyday life during my postdoc. Using a variety of ethnographic methods I developed a detailed understanding of the ways intermediaries in the market for low-carbon housing design trust-relations with residents, for instance by drawing upon the technological potential of low-carbon housing.

Currently, I work on a research project that investigates the family decision-making process for low-carbon housing, focusing on the affective and gender dimensions of this process. Also, I am interested in the under-researched setting of care as part of the energy transition within and outside the home.

I am employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the Environmental Policy Group. I received my PhD-education at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands, 2015) and have been a visiting fellow at the Institute for European Ethnology at the Humboldt University Berlin (Germany, 2013), the DEMAND Centre at Lancaster University (UK, 2017) and the Sociology of Energy and Sustainable Development-group at the University of Edinburgh (UK, 2018).

I frequently engage with publics outside academia, which is an integral part of my work.

For more information visit my website www.mandydewilde.nl

Email Mandy at: mandy.dewilde@wur.nl