dr. MJC (Marcel) Rozemeijer

dr. MJC (Marcel) Rozemeijer

Researcher Blue Growth and Marine Ore Extraction

I am an expert in resource-extraction from the marine environment. This rangers from sand extraction for coastal defence and infrastructure to the metal, polyphosphates and gas methane extraction from the deep sea. I have studied these fields in a scientific approach and also in more applied sense as a program manager of a monitoring and evaluation program for sand extraction and as an advisor for several environmental impact assessments for sand extraction.

I enjoy making knowledge and science applicable for policy and management, a translator between different worlds. Due to my high creativity and intuition I am able to enter a wide array of fields and come up with innovative solutions.

Also in the field of Integrated Coastal Zone Management I am active with innovative coastal deference and communication games in order to mobilize exchange between stakeholders. In the field of water ecology, I have studied estuary dynamics, wetlands, coral reef ecology, eutrophication of freshwater systems, wastewater-treatment, transport of suspended particulate matter (SPM) and fish larvae, modeling of hydrodynamics, SPM and phytoplankton. I have a PhD in Environmental and Toxicological Chemistry.

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