ME (Marcos) Angelini

ME (Marcos) Angelini

PhD candidate

Marcos Angelini was born in Buenos Aires, on 7th May 1975. He completed his degree of Agricultural Engineering at the National University of Lujan in 2002. From 1996 to 2007 he worked in a remote sensing group at thhe same university.

In September 2003 he obtained a fellowship from the CONAE (National Commission for Space Activities) to be developed at the CNR of Italy (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche). The topic was: Early Detection of Fire through Remote Sensing. On his return from Italy applied for a post on permanent staff at the Soils Institute (at National Institute of Agriculture Technologies - INTA), joining the institute as a researcher in the Soil Cartography and Land Evaluation Department, from wich he is still staff.

In 2004 he was selected to took part in a Workshop on Global Land Cover of FAO in Ecuador. He also participated in several post-graduate courses, conferences and seminars mostly related to remote sensing application (optical and radar) to natural resources study and lately applied to Soil Mapping.

During 2006 to 2009 he participated in different INTA projects. Some of them were: Soil Mapping: Methodological and practical development of soil survey in Salta (AERN5652); Carbon sequestration with Eucalyptus forests in Argentinean Pampas.

In September 2009 he obtained a grant from INTA for training in the Australian Center for Precision Agriculture, The University of Sydney, on Digital Soil Mapping for a period of 3 months. At the same time, he was proposed as coordinator of INTA national project: Digital Soil Mapping: developing, performing and validating new soil survey methodologies (Natural Resources Strategy Area -295521). Three years extension project with more than 35 participants.

In September 2010 he participated as expositor in the "1st Latinoamerican Workshop of GlobalSoilMap.Net and Atlas of Soil" in EMBRAPA Solos, Río de Janeiro, Brazil. In November 2010  he obtained a grant from  Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships (AusAID) for participate in  the program "Adapting Agriculture and Natural Resource Management to Climate variability and Change; what skills will we need?" Tutors: Prof.  Willem Vervoort. and Dr. Budiman Minasny. Australian Center for Precision Agriculture, The University of Sydney. Period: 1 month.

In August 2011 he obtained the position of Coordinator of Cartography Department.

During 2012 he participated as speaker in the Latin American Congress of Soil Science and the Global Soil Partnership ("Global Soil Partnership / e-SOTER Workshop: Towards Global Soil Information: Activities within the GEO Task Global Soil Data" - Italy). Also, he is part of the SISLAC program that aims to develop a Soil Information System to Latin America. In 2012 he participated as trainer in SISLAC meeting (Mar del Plata, Argentina) and as assistant in SISLAC I: Latin America Soil data harmonizing into WRB2010 (CIAT - Colombia).

In March 2013 he began his PhD studies at SGL and ISRIC groups in the Wageningen University. His reserching project target to combine soil/landscape knowledge with statistical tools to develop soil maps.