RM (Maria) Roman Cuesta

RM (Maria) Roman Cuesta

Externe medewerker

Dr. Román-Cuesta, an Alexander Von Humboldt fellow since 2007, gained her PhD in forest science from CREAF-Autonomous University of Barcelona (2002), with a particular focus on the drivers and ecological responses of forests to fire and associated biomass burning emissions. She has a particular fascination with and love for tropical forests where she counts on more than 15 years of experience (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Panama). Her research addresses questions about ecosystem dynamics and composition, whilst at the same time provides outputs of direct relevance for conservation and adaptation to climate change.

Her experience in tropical ecology paved her way to the UN as a forest officer, working on applying science to countries environmental problems. She worked for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for almost three years (2010-2012) as pat of the UNREDD team, assisting developing countries in monitoring the contribution of their tropical forests to global carbon cycles and CO2 emissions, and designing mitigation initiatives under UNFCCC international forest crediting schemes (e.g. the REDD+ mechanism).

She has been an independent consultant since 2013 and is an associate researcher at CREAF (Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications). She is currently a visiting researcher at the University of Wageningen where her research has expanded to the pantropical domain. Her work focuses on identifying hotspots of pantropical greenhouse emissions (CO2, CH4, N2O) from the land use sector (forests, agriculture, livestock) to better understand mitigation potentials and guide mitigation alternatives.

She has been in Academia since 1998 and has received research funding from a diversity of sources, from Research Foundations to Governmental Funds, Foreign Affairs Ministries, Conservation Foundations, and NGOs.