M (Marijn) Faling MSc

M (Marijn) Faling MSc


In her PhD research Marijn Faling focuses on policy change processes across policy boundaries. She focuses on policy entrepreneurship strategies to link policy levels, domains, and sectors, by studying the development process of climate-smart agriculture policies both at global level and in Kenya, Africa. Climate-Smart Agriculture is a transformative approach to agriculture to address climate change, food security, and enduring poverty. 

As part of her PhD Marijn has conducted fieldwork in Kenya, has done a research internship with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Africa, and been visiting researcher with the Governance, Environment and Markets Initiative (GEM) of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. 

Marijn Faling has prior experience in research on disaster risk reduction, climate change, ecosystems, policy change and governance. She holds a research master in International Development Studies and a master in Political Science.

For more information and publications: http://wageningenur.academia.edu/MarijnFaling 

Contact: marijn.faling@wur.nl