dr. MF (Marleen) Noomen

dr. MF (Marleen) Noomen


I work at the Library as an information specialist in the Research Support team. I focus on bibliometrics, but also teach information literacy skills to students and PhD candidates. I am available for questions related to (tenure track) credits, citation analyses, use of bibliographic databases, creating search queries, etc.

I also support researchers in the field of data management, which includes checking data management plans and presenting the WUR data management policy.

In my role as faculty liaison for the Environmental Sciences Group, I am the primary contact person for questions related to information literacy, collection management and research data management for the faculty.

In the past I worked as assistant professor at Faculty ITC of the University of Twente. My research background is in remote sensing (earth observation) with emphasis on imaging spectrometry of vegetation health, whereas my teaching experience is in the field of applied geophysics.