N (Nyamwaya) Munthali MSc

N (Nyamwaya) Munthali MSc

PhD Researcher

As a development practitioner with an MSc in International development with a focus on communication and innovation, I have over 5 years experience working in the Zambian agriculture sector on livelihood enhancing projects, specifically contributing to the development and implementation of practical monitoring and evaluation/communication systems.  Additionally in the current space for mobile innovations in development I have worked on a number of information -communication- technology for development (ICT4D) projects.

My research interests that involve field work in Zambia, Tanzania, India and now Ghana relate to the social situatedness of technology, the potential and relationship of citizen science to innovation, action research as well as mechanisms of strategic communication to foster development.

I am currently working on the Environmental Virtual Observatories for Connective Action (EVOCA) Project that is running for 4 years from 2016. A description of the project can be found at www.evoca.nl.

Thesis topic
ICT-based Extension Services: Shifting Institutional and Knowledge Paradigms towards Sustainable Intensification?

Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana

Affiliated Organisation
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)