dr.ir. O (Otto) Hospes

dr.ir. O (Otto) Hospes

Associate Professor Public-Private Governance of Food

Dr Hospes is a legal pluralist studying how state and non-state legal orders affect governance of food and agriculture. He investigates conflicts and collaboration between private actors and public authorities in governing food systems and global value chains. (otto.hospes@wur.nl). Five of his key publications are:

Hospes, O. & Hadiprayitno, I. (eds.) (2010). Governing food security: law, politics and the right to food. Wageningen Academic Publishers, 380 pages.

Hospes, O. & Clancy, J. (2011). Unpacking the discourse on social inclusion in value chains. In: B. Helmsing & S. Vellema (Eds). Value chains, inclusion and endogenous development: contrasting theories and realities. Routledge Press, pp. 23-41.

Hospes, O. and Kentin, A. (2014). Tensions between global-scale and national-scale governance: The strategic use of scale frames to promote sustainable palm oil production. In: F. Padt, P. Opdam, N. Polman and C. Termeer (eds.). Scale-sensitive Governance of the Environment. Wiley Blackwell publishers, pp. 203-219.

Hospes, O. (2014). Food sovereignty: the debate, the deadlock, and a suggested detour. Agriculture and Human Values 31(1): 119-130 

Hospes, O. (2014). Marking the success or end of global multi-stakeholder governance? The rise of national sustainability standards in Indonesia and Brazil for palm oil and soy. Agriculture and Human Values: 31(3): 425-437