dr.mr. PEI (Paulan) Korenhof

dr.mr. PEI (Paulan) Korenhof


I have an interdisciplinary background in philosophy of technology, data protection law, and art. I like to build bridges between diverse disciplines and people in order to work towards a bigger picture of what socially desirable digital technology looks like. Over the years I worked in several projects, focusing on inter alia Digital Twins, data science, smart contracts, social media, and artificial intelligence.

My goal is to advance the design of responsible and societally desirable digital technologies, as well as to provide policy recommendations on how to implement such technologies in practice.

On the first of September 2020 I started the postdoc project "Philosophy of Digital Twins". The goal of this project is to explore and better understand Digital Twins and their various implications and challenges in order to ultimately develop a roadmap for Responsible Digital Twin design.

Understanding a problem is half of the solution. The first part of my project focuses on building a philosophical understanding of Digital Twins and the potential problems they may raise. For this, I employ theories from philosophy of technology, continental philosophy, media studies, and science and technology studies. The first results of my research resulted in the article Steering Representations—Towards a Critical Understanding of Digital Twins, written with Vincent Blok and Sanneke Kloppenburg.

The second part of my project focuses on identifying the main ethical and social challengers of Digital Twins, concerns of stakeholders, and challenges in design. More on this will follow soon.