PA (Paulina Ansaa) Asante

PA (Paulina Ansaa) Asante

PhD student





PhD Thesis

Climate Change Effects on Cocoa Production and Its Potential Consequences for Forest Conservation

Project Description

Climate change is expected to impact negatively on cocoa production. Impact models have predicted geographic shifts in production areas & potential loss of about 50% of current climatically suitable areas for growing cocoa by 2050. However, eco-physiological response of cocoa tree, elevated CO2 effects & possible adaptions practices that might help adapt cocoa was not considered, hence effects on production is not sufficiently quantified. Geographic shifts could have serious implications for forest biodiversity & ecosystem services.

In my project, I link cocoa crop modelling and spatial analysis to identify spatially explicit cocoa-climate-forest interactions to improve understanding of impacts of climate change on cocoa yield, and assess implications of climate change for cocoa production in West Africa, including effects of possible shifts in production areas on forest cover.