drs. TJ (Thom) Achterbosch

drs. TJ (Thom) Achterbosch

Senior researcher

Senior researcher at Wageningen Economic Research. An economist by training (MSc Development Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam), Thom studies solutions for the transition towards sustainable food systems and healthy diets in Africa, EU and elsewhere. His work combines interdisciplinary methods including participatory research and modelling for the evaluation of various food, health and agricultural policies for their impact on food and nutrition outcomes, often in combination with micro-level data and models. His research interests include metrics and foresight on food systems; nutrition-driven and sustainable consumption; equity; transformation; food and trade policy; and sustainable development. Thom (co-) leads multidisciplinary research programs on the long-term challenges related to food insecurity and malnutrition: currently het is the co-leader for diagnosis and foresight on Food systems for healthier diets under the research program Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) of the CGIAR; and co-leader for Future Scenarios under the research program Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) of the CGIAR; and leader of work on impact investment and impact evaluation in the urban innovation project Food Trails. Recently he was the coordinator of the EU-funded project SUSFANS, task leader on foresight in FIT4FOOD2030, and (co-)leader of EU research program FOODSECURE and Wageningen-wide program ‘Global food security: Scarcity and transition’. Recent papers explore the sustainability performance of EU food systems, food systems R&I (for EU committee SCAR), the valuation of environmental and social external effects from livestock productions systems (for TEEB Agri-Food), equity issues in global food security, the relation between income, food intake and food waste, and food system governance in foresight studies.

EU project Food Trails will use living labs with pilot innovations to create a body of evidence that policymakers can use to support policy developments in the realm of urban food. The initiative will lead to the creation of a network of similar pilot projects across Europe, including Living Labs in each city enabling change in our food systems.  Food Trails is an EU-funded, Horizon2020 project. WUR's involvement is also financially supported by the Topsector Agri&Food.

Role: work packager leader Impact investment and impact evaluation https://foodtrails.milanurbanfoodpolicypact.org/


EU project SUSFANS: Metrics, models and foresight for European sustainable food and nutrition security (European Commission grant no. H2020 - 633962)

Role: project coordinator

EU project FOODSECURE: Exploring the future of global food and nutrition security (European Commission 7th Framework Program grant no. 290693)

Role: project manager/deputy co-ordinator