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Projects - dr. T (Tony) Reimann

1. Research project

Past coastal sediment-system-dynamics in South Holland and its implication for present and future coastal change, Rubicon financed project (ALW-NWO 825.11.033)


  • Reconstruct past sediment budget dynamic in South-Holland.
  • Develop OSL standardisation techniques that allow the effective analysis of several hundred samples in order to archive the maximum spatial and chronological resolution of OSL dating.
  • Study OSL properties of quartz and feldspar minerals and its physical environmental controls. Link quartz and feldspar OSL characteristic to specific sedimentary processes (luminescence footprints). 

Status: completed (2012-2014)

Partners: ALW-NWO and TU Delft


2. Research project

Development of new feldspar luminescence dating protocols for non-aeolian deposits


  • Finding a feldspar luminescence signal that is sufficiently stable and bleachable (e.g. transferred IRSL signals or time-resolved IRSL signals).
  • Revision of feldspar single aliquot measurement protocols.
  • Development of reliable feldspar single-grain techniques.

Status: In progress (since 2012)

Partners: HAZARD team (Risø DTU, LIAG Hannover, St. Andrews University, Århus University)


3. Research project

On the quantification of soil bioturbation and soil relocation in a mountainous area in S Spain - testing the potential of single-grain OSL techniques


  • Development of a single-grain feldspar luminescence protocol tailored towards the reconstruction of soil processes.
  • Reconstruction of long-term soil mixing and soil relocation at the Sierra Morena site in S Spain.
  • Quantifying bioturbation rates for the Sierra Morena site from luminescence data.

Status: In progress (since 2014)

Partners: University of Córdoba


3. Research project

Luminescence footprints a new monitoring method to quantify sediment fluxes


  • Better understanding of luminescence signal bleaching under natural sediment transport conditions.
  • A new theoretical and analytical framework for this new application.
  • Testing at selected coastal and river settings.

Status: Planned

Partners: Deltares, TU Delft