VJ (Verina) Ingram PhD MSc

VJ (Verina) Ingram PhD MSc

Assistant professor FNP & Senior researcher, Wageningen Economic Research

Research interests

The global-local nexus - on governance practices in forest and natural product value chains and Participation, private actors and public engagement on governance arrangements in forest and natural product value chains and landscapes.

Two areas dominate Verina's research interests: Value chains of forest products and agro-commodities from tropical landscapes which bring together people, places and products. Verina researches how trade impacts the species and ecosystems these products originate from and the livelihoods of people involved in value chains of these products from different perspectives: income, gender, vulnerability and social capital. Second is governance, investigating how and why different governance arrangements operate (regulations, customary, collective, certification and corporate schemes) and their impacts. Verina explores household chain and national level impacts.

With Wageningen Economic Research, Verina works on impact evaluations of agriculutral and forest commodities and thier value chains, and the nexus between food, energy, water, climate  and landuse.


  • ISEAL Alliance, invited member Living Income working group since 2014
  • Member of Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade, Workgroup on Sustainable Forestry Indicators since 2013
  • International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), member since 2010
  • Africa Study Centre Community, University of Leiden, Fellow since 2009
  • Western Highlands Conservation Network, Cameroon, honorary member since 2010
  • Vereniging Tropische Bossen (Tropical Forestry Association), member since 2008
  • Society for Economic Botany, member since 2008
  • Commonwealth Forestry Association, member since 2008
  • Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management, associate member since 2008
  • International Tropical Timber Organisation, Fellowship Network, member since 2017 


  • International Forestry Review, Editorial Board member, since 2014.
  • Fontiers: People and Forests, Review editor, since 2018

Invited advisory board member

  • Invited Member Netherlands ChocoWerkGroep multi-stakeholder platform, since 2013.
  • Invited member Chocoa advisory board, since 2014.
  • Invited member Dutch NEN/CEN/ISO committee developing the Sustainable Cocoa Standard, since 2014
  • Guiding Hope / Guide dEspoir, Advisory Director since 2008
  • FarmGate Foundation, since 2017
  • University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein Werkveld Committre International Tropical Forestry MSc, since 2016