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Education - VJ (Verina) Ingram PhD MSc

Thesis supervision

Verina welcomes students for internships, bachelor thesis and master thesis research. For an overview of possible topics please click here.


Since 2004 Verina has supervised Msc and PhD students from Imperial College London (UK), Wageningen UR (Netherlands), University of Kisangani (DRC), University of Dschang (Cameroon), University of Buea (Cameroon)

PhD supervision


PhD supervisie

Louis Ndumbe(University of Dschang, Environmental Management) The sustainability of the Ricinodendron heudelotii value chain and its contribution to livelihoods in the humid forest zone of Cameroon 2014 2017. Co-promoter 2014-2018

Andras Tothmihaly  (University of Gottingen, Agricultural Economics) Poverty and sustainability in Indonesian cocoa production, 2013 2017.PhD Cum laude. External counterpart since 2015

Yves Bertrand Soukontoua (Ghent University & Université de Ngoundéré, Tropical Agriculture & Ethnobotany) Bee tree relationships 2013 date. External supervisor sinds 2013

Mohammed Degnet (Wageningen UR, Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy) Impact evaluation of agroforestry operations in East Africa, 2015 to date. Co-supervisor sinds 2015

Tina Bauer (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy), Under a changing climate: Forest communities in the Bolivian Amazon. The role of forest capital in social-ecological systems responding to extreme weather events, 2015 to date. Co-supervisor sinds 2015

Do Trong Hoan (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy), Market-based and regulatory approaches to governing multifunctional forest landscapes in Vietnam. 2018 to date. Co-supervisor since 2018.

Serge Piabou (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy),Community Forest Enterprises (CFEs) as successful social enterprises: Empirical Evidence from Cameroon, 2019 to date. Co-supervisor since 2019.

Pamela Tabi (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy),Governance and production systems of wood fuel in the eastern region of Cameroon, 2019 to date. Co-supervisor since 2019.


FEM-32306 Agroforestry
FNP-30306 Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation
FNP-23303 Forest & Nature Conservation Planning: Theories, Tools and Practices