Y (Yidong) Wang MSc

Y (Yidong) Wang MSc

Externe medewerker

Do you know there are many kinds of parasitic wasps that can be used as bio-control agents to deal with the notorious house flies? Can you imagine both sexual and asexual reproduction can be existed in one species and can decide either male or female is produced? Will you believe the sex of wasps can be controlled by their endosymbiont?

Evolution is a very broad topic but always attracting me. Thanks to the era that all kinds of molecular technology have been developed, we finally have a great opportunity to uncover the mystery of a life.

My research focus is parasitic wasp and its endosymbiont Wolbachia which can manipulate the sex of the offspring. I want to know what the sex determination system is in the parasitic wasp and how differently the system is evolved among close related species. In addition, I want to figure out how endosymbiont Wolbachia controlled the sex determination in parasitic wasps. Research including all kinds of molecular experiments such as clone, qPCR, RNAi, Micro-injection etc. as well as many interesting ecology and behavior experiments.

Available MSc research topics listed in my project page. You can find more detailed discription in Ento thesis market later.