A note on the measurement of genetic diversity within genebank accessions of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) using AFLP markers

Jansen, J.; Verbakel, H.; Peleman, J.; Hintum, T.J.L. van


This paper discusses a statistical approach for measuring genetic diversity within genebank accessions of a self-fertilising species. This approach is applied to lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.), using AFLP marker data on a set of 1,390 accessions, representing six different lettuce types. Knowledge of the within-accession genetic diversity is important for decisions about the way accessions have to be maintained by genebanks. It is argued that if the within-accession diversity is small, as can be expected for a self-fertilising species like L. sativa, the best approach is to sample as many accessions as possible with only two plants per accession and estimate the within-accession diversity by the proportion of accessions of which the individuals are different