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This paper combines two of today¿s most salient phenomena in contemporary China: the remarkable rise of China as a consumer society and the related mounting overweight epidemic, which now includes about 200 million overweight people. Relatively little is understood about the many factors which contribute to the expanding waistlines of the Chinese. Within the nutrition transition framework, this paper concentrates on food consumption with a special focus on the adoption of energy-rich high calorie diets. Four consumer segments have been identified according to consumption of various food products ¿ i.e., the food perspective. These groups are labeled Yellow Earth, Green Water, Newly Affluent, and Western Adopters, and differ significantly with respect to body mass index (BMI) and socio-demographic factors. The consumption of specific food products appears to be related to the extent of overweight among different consumer clusters. By undertaking a consumer segmentation based on food consumption, this study aims to contribute to our understanding of corpulence in a fast-changing China. This paper concludes that the growing impact of the overweight and obesity epidemic in China merits the attention of food policymakers. Keywords: Food consumption; Obesity; China; Consumer segmentation; Nutrition transition