Bedrijfsvoering, economie en milieukwaliteit : hun onderlinge relaties bij melkveebedrijven

Daatselaar, C.H.G.; Doornewaard, G.J.; Gardebroek, C.; Hoop, D.W. de; Reijs, J.W.


Within the project Landelijk Meetnet effecten Mestbeleid (LMM, national measurement network of the effects of the manure policy), a study has taken place looking into the influence of mineral management on the surpluses of nitrogen and phosphate in soil and the concentration of nitrate in the upper layer of groundwater and drainage water on dairy farms. The relationships were examined using both regressions and group comparisons. The outcomes of the study provide assistance for dairy farmers, policymakers and researchers as to how mineral use can best be modified in order to achieve better results for both the economy and environmental quality