Managing phosphorus cycling in agriculture : tentative results from innovation studies in a nutshell

Schoumans, O.F.; Oenema, O.; Krimpen, M.M. van; Peet, G.F.V. van der; Timmerman, M.; Verdoes, N.; Meesters, K.P.H.; Sanders, J.P.M.; Rulkens, W.H.; Bikker, A.M.; Kortstee, H.J.M.; Hoop, D.W. de; Schroder, J.J.


At the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Wageningen UR has made an inventory of potential innovations which may contribute to a drastical decrease of the pressure on the manure market. This factsheet summarizes the results of the individual innovation studies. The separate studies are discussed in detail in different factsheets