Capacity building improve Malaysia's inspection and monitoring system for aquaculture and fishery products

Gevers, G.J.M.; Zoontjes, P.W.; Essers, M.L.; Klijnstra, M.; Gerssen, A.


The project aimed to help build a credible inspection and monitoring system that can guarantee safe quality products of Ministry of Health (MoH) and Department of Fisheries (DoF) by upgrading the analytical capacity of the laboratory staff directly involved in the analysis and detection of forbidden substances. Two training courses were implemented in 2011 in the Bio Security Centre in Kuantan, Malaysia. The first training course on 'Marine lipophilic toxins using LC-MS/MS has been implemented in June and the second training course on on Stilbenes and Nitroïmidazoles sample preparation and analysis with LC-MS/MS equipment was implemented in November, 2011. Through this knowledge transfer and laboratory enhancement the project contributed the laboratory's process towards getting accreditation under ISO 17025. The courses were implemented in partnership by Wageningen UR Institute of Food Safety (RIKILT) and Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation (CDI). Report no. CDI-12-002