Fast Track Initiatives to Support Food Security : Identifying options for Dutch Embassies: Policy Brief

Brouwer, J.H.; Groot Kormelinck, A.; Brouwers, J.H.A.M.; Woodhill, A.J.


In the context of the Food Security Support Initiative of the Task Team Food and Nutrition Security by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, six embassy support missions were conducted in the period May-June 2011 in the selected Fast Track Process Countries Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique and Rwanda. The missions aimed to provide support to Embassies (EKNs) for the design and implementation of the Food and Nutrition component of the 2012-2015 Multi-Annual Strategic Plans (MASP) and the Fast Track Process. Discussions between the selected six embassies and the Task Team Food and Nutrition Security have resulted in Embassy-specific proposals and action plans for the Fast Track Process and first steps towards a sharp food security component of the MASP. This synthesis policy brief provides an overview for the six countries and a number of key findings.