MASPNOSE, Preparatory Action on Maritime Spatial PLaning in the North Sea, Inventory and analysis of monitoring and evaluation tools

Vos, B.I. de; Duijn, A.P. van; Stuiver, M.; Goldsborough, D.G.; Pastoors, M.A.; Bolman, B.C.; Hommes, S.; Maes, F.; Sorensen, T.; Stelzenmüller, V.; Tatenhove, J.P.M. van


This document deals with monitoring and evaluation aspects in Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) processes. Effective monitoring and evaluation is widely recognised as a fundamental component of maritime spatial management and needs to concentrate on the most important issues potentially affecting a maritime area. For measuring performance of an implemented plan it is important to set clear objectives. Progress and outcomes are then measured through the process of evaluation and monitoring against those objectives.