Inclusion of small-scale milk producers in modern dairy value chains

Wouters, A.P.; Lee, J. van der


The worldwide demand for milk is ever-increasing. The question we address here is how small-scale milk producers, mainly based in developing countries, can participate in modern dairy value chains? First, markets should have the preconditions of a reliable market, a competitive milk price and access to essential services and inputs. Second, small-scale producers need to improve farm management practices (feeding, breeding, control animal diseases) to become economically and environmentally more sustainable. Several models for small-scale inclusion are then explored in detail. We conclude that for successful inclusion, an integrated approach is needed in which policy, market, services, input supply and production aspects get attention. Strong producers organisations, that linking farmers with markets, services and inputs, can be a very good vehicle. However, more examples need to be analysed in order to make stronger policy recommendations