European ring trial to evaluate ELISAs for the diagnosis of infection with Rift Valley fever virus

Kortekaas, J.A.; Kant, J.; Vloet, R.P.M.; Cêtre-Sossah, C.; Marianneau, P.; Lacote, S.; Banyard, A.C.; Jeffries, C.; Eiden, M.; Groschup, M.; Jäckel, S.; Hevia, E.; Brun, A.


A ring trial was organized to evaluate Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) ELISAs by European laboratories. A total of five ELISAs, two of which specific for IgM antibodies, were evaluated by six participants. Sera were derived from cattle or sheep and originated from either a RVFV endemic area, a RVFV-free area or from experimental infection studies. Cohen's kappa analysis showed higher than 90% agreement of two commercially available ELISAs with the virus neutralization test, suggesting that primary screening as well as serological confirmation using these ELISAs is feasible. More extensive validations with sera of known IgM status are, however, required to determine agreement between IgM ELISAs.