The Change Alliance - Launch Event 2-3 December 2009 - Consolidated notes

Vugt, S.M. van; Geene, J. van; Zevenbergen, L.C.


The Change Alliance launch event was officially opened by Hettie Walters (ICCO and the chair woman of the foundation group of the Change Alliance) and Jim Woodhill (Wageningen UR – Centre for Development Innovation): “We are facing significant challenges like climate change, widespread poverty, limited access to water. How can we cope with these in more democratic and cooperative ways? There is an increasing interest for multistakeholder processes: bringing people together to cooperate effectively to address issues at hand. This increase raises some questions: How well do these processes work? Do they address deeper challenges? Do they truly and effectively inspire change?” In this light, the following objectives were set for the launch event of the Change Alliance: 1. Shape the future direction of alliance 2. Establish learning and action agenda: what are the big questions we face, which support do we need, what would enable us to become better? 3. Map actors, initiatives & concepts: define the boundaries of the initiative 4. Explore principles for engagement: define the core principles to move forward 5. Next steps: define what we need to do