Progress Report Open Course Programme Wageningen UR, 2012

Hijweege, W.L.


Annually, the Wageningen UR open course programme for mid-career professionals provides some six hundred individuals with the opportunity to update their competencies and insights. The Ministry of Economic Affairs co-finances this course programme with the aim to maintain the courses’ close linkages with international policy priorities and to support course innovation and development. This report provides an overview of the outputs over 2012 in relation to the commitment number 140008726. The demand driven programme was highly successful with over seven hundred and fifty participants from 35 courses. In this report we provide an overview over the 2012 developments and implementation results. Individual course developments are indicated, giving specific attention to the new courses and the annex provides the conclusions of a study exploring new course business model with private sector partner organisations. Subsidie rapportage Regeling Praktijkleren en Groene plus. Verplichtingnummer 140008726. Rapportnummer CDI-13-008.