Manual to proposed Dutch implementation of OSPAR's risk-based approach to the management of produced water discharges

Vries, P. de; Tamis, J.E.


This manual is intended to assist operators on the Dutch Continental Shelf in the application of the Dutch implementation of the risk-based approach (RBA). In essence all oil and gas platforms on the Dutch Continental Shelf (DCS) have to go through the risk management cycle at least once, where the pre-screening determines in which order the platforms enter the cycle. The risk management cycle follows all steps required for the RBA, which are all individually addressed in the following chapters: chapter 3 (sampling); chapter 4 (whole effluent toxicity risk assessment, including ecotoxicological testing of the effluent and risk characterisation); chapter 5 (substance-based risk assessment, including chemical analysis and risk characterisation); chapter 6 (measures) and chapter 7 (reporting).