A landscape ecological vegetation map of Saba (Lesser Antilles)

Freitas, J. de; Rojer, A.C.; Nijhof, B.S.J.; Debrot, A.O.


A semi-detailed landscape-based vegetation map (scale: 1: 37,500) is presented for the 13 km2 Lesser Antillean steep volcanic island of Saba, Netherlands Caribbean. The map is based on a total of 49 vegetation plots that were sampled in 1999 using a stratified random sampling design and analysed using TWINSPAN cluster analysis. Three hundred and fourteen (314) plant species, representing 56% of the total known flora (565 species), were recorded in the sample plots. The principal lower sections of the island possess a tropical savannah climate whereas the upper slopes reaching a maximum altitude of 870 m can best be characterized as a tropical rainforest climate.