The MSP Tool Guide : Sixty tools to facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships : companion to The MSP Guide

Brouwer, J.H.; Brouwers, J.H.A.M.; Hemmati, Minu; Gordijn, F.; Herman Mostert, R.M.; Mulkerrins, J.L.


What is ‘The MSP Tool Guide’ all about?

This compilation of 60 tools is an companion to The MSP Guide, the Wageningen University & Research CDI resource on how to design and facilitate effective multi-stakeholder partnerships.

At the request of many readers we have compiled them into one document to enable easy storing and sharing. These tools are available in summarized version in the MSP Guide in Chapter 6. The detailed versions on how to use the tool, and when to use it, are available on the portal The content of this portal is compiled in this Tool Guide.