CO2 in greenhouse horticulture

Esmeijer, Marleen


Carbon dioxide dosing has become an integral part of greenhouse horticulture. Additional carbon dioxide or C02 promotes crop growth and increases production and/or improves quality. In 1995, approximately 80% of greenhouse horticulture businesses used C02 dosing. 50% of companies dose even in the absence of heat demand. Even though C02 dosing has been used for some time, there are still some unanswered questions around this technology. Some questions are new, the answer to others has become obscured over time. There is a great deal to be said about C02and C02 dosing. Since our previous brochure in 1988, there have been many new developments in the area of C02. This brochure explains all the latest advances in knowledge about C02and C02 dosing. Authors from a wide range of disciplines were involved in putting the brochure together. The information it contains will help you to make decisions on C02 and C02 dosing.