Haiti Start-Up mission design cold chain mango-avocado : Technical and financial evaluation for a logistics service for the control of the cold chain in the export of fresh products between Haiti and the United States

Oostewechel, René; Régis, Yves-Laurent; Brouwers, Jan


This report shares the findings of the first start-up mission to Haiti, exploring all relevant elements pertaining to the design of the mango and avocado cold chain for fruit export to the USA, with the possibility to extend logistics services to other fruits like pineapple. Findings of the mission will be used to produce a report on the technical design of the cold chain from tree harvest till arrival in Miami. The mission was exposed to the current realities and experiences of fruit production and export in Haiti and will factor these into the design of the proposal. Basic data and information on the two value chains are presented in chapter 2. During the mission a number of ideas and suggestions to improve the value chain have been discussed and explored, including logistical, economic and social elements. These are presented in the chapters 3 and 4 of the report