Corrigendum to Strategies for achieving environmental policy integration at the landscape level. A framework illustrated with an analysis of landscape governance in Rwanda

Oosten, Cora van; Uzamukunda, Assumpta; Runhaar, Hens


The authors regret the mistakes that occurred in the table on page 67. The published version does not show the relation between the strategies employed and the actors involved. While in reality, with regard to productive bricolage (category 1) diversification of land use is mainly employed by farmers and companies; while those allowing for diversification/intensification of land use are the district staff. With regard to institutional bricolage (category 2), the actors informally changing the rules are the companies, while the actors providing institutional space for dialogue are the district staff and authorities. And with regard to institutional entrepreneurship (category 3) the actors formalising dialogue are the district authorities while those institutionalising partnerships are the national authorities.