Prognoses CO2-emissie glastuinbouw 2030

Velden, N.J.A. van der; Smit, P.X.; Buurma, J.S.


The greenhouse horticulture sector needs a policy-driven interim goal for CO2 emissions in 2030. The prognosis for CO2 emissions in 2030 ranges from 2.7 to 3.3 megatonnes , based on three future scenarios for economic development. These CO2 emissions are substantially lower than they were in 2015 (5.8 megatonnes). In the optimistic scenario, the economy grows most strongly, and the greenhouse horticulture sector – with an equal acreage, many new greenhouses and more lighting has the strongest development. The opposite is the case in the pessimistic scenario. Energy demand and CO2 emissions are greater in the optimistic scenario than in the pessimistic scenario. However, we see greater difference in energy demand. In the optimistic scenario, the horticultural sector utilises more energy supply options without CO2 emissions. Realisation of each of the three scenarios requires strong policy input from both the government and the greenhouse horticultural sector concerning energy saving and energy supplies without CO2 emissions. The latter point makes cooperation with parties outside the greenhouse horticulture sector necessary